About me ...

“Make sure you live a little before becoming a photographer. It is the sum of all your experiences that will shape the photographer you become.”

These wise words were said by a successful professional photographer many years ago, to me and my fellow students at the Vienna Federal Training and Research Institute for Graphic Arts and Media, where I studied photography when there were still darkrooms from which the bewitching smell of developer and fixer wafted.

Without deliberately attempting to, looking back that is exactly what I did after I graduated: I worked in film, I studied history for a while, I spent some time studying marketing and advertising at Vienna’s business university, for many years I was an advertising consultant at international agencies in Vienna, Düsseldorf, Budapest and Moscow, I was international marketing director of an internet start-up, I designed web portals, and in between all this I spent several months riding horseback through Mongolia, I roamed the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia, the desert of northern Africa ...

I definitely lived a little. Some of it was successful, some less so – but all of it was useful.

The many years of experience I have gathered as an advertising photographer specialising in still lifes and portraits, after I decided 15 years ago to make photography my profession, have proven particularly valuable.

The sum of all of this makes me the photographer I am today, and influences the way I prepare and carry out projects as much as the style and content of my photographs.

My experience in marketing and advertising is put to good use when it comes to preparing and executing projects, and has made me an expert consultant who can speak the same language as my clients and reliably handle tight deadlines, strict budgets, large teams and difficult production conditions.

My customers in advertising, tourism, and book and magazine publishing value my unique style and my gift for creating pictures that tell stories.

My favourite place to shoot is in the open air, with natural light – with or without people, pure and authentic. Landscape photography and reportages of people and regions in Austria and other countries have always been my passion, and form the main focus of my work today.

In an editorial some time ago, Austrian magazine SERVUS in Stadt & Land – for which I regularly take photographs – named me as the best landscape photographer anywhere in Austria. I don’t believe that’s true, but it wasn’t bad for my ego ... ;-) 

Some references ...

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